Brian Byrd, M.D.

Why Brian Byrd

The Wise Choice… You Can Believe In.

Dr. Brian Byrd grew up in Fort Worth and can’t imagine living anywhere else. He loves building businesses and practicing medicine here. He knows what it is like to make payroll during the week, and coach soccer on the weekends.

Brian has represented Fort Worth City Council District 3 since May, 2017. Brian is a hard-working problem solver and has championed the revitalization of the Las Vegas Trail area. If you need to talk to Brian you can call his cell phone, 682.667.8081.

From Dr. Byrd: “My wife and I grew up in Fort Worth. We love our city and the strength of our community. With your support, we will continue to ensure Fort Worth remains a world class city we can be proud of.”


  • Founder, Former CEO of Texas Hospice
  • Founder, Physician at Texas Family Medicine
  • Former Executive Pastor, Antioch Fort Worth
  • Member of National Board of Directors, Prison Fellowship Ministries
  • Board of Directors, LVTRise
  • Board of Directors, MedStar

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Brian Believes in Fort Worth Values

Brian loves Fort Worth. He grew up here, knows and loves people here, built business here, practices medicine here, and is raising his family here. He is a proven leader in business, ministry, and medicine. He knows what it is like to sign paychecks, make budgets, and care for peoples’ needs.