Why Vote for Brian

Brian loves Fort Worth.  He grew up here, knows and loves people here, built business here, practices medicine here, and is raising his family here.  He is a proven leader in business, ministry, and medicine.  He knows what it is like to sign paychecks, make budgets, and care for peoples’ needs.  



Brian believes in Fort Worth values:

  • Conservative Budgeting - We must ensure that essential services like police and fire are not edged out by other expenditures. Fort Worth has enjoyed significant economic growth in recent years.  To minimize future debt, the city should be running a budget surplus now and investing in infrastructure.  
  • Uniting our Community - Our city should work in coordination with non-profits, ministries, and houses of worship.   Many of our problems such as sex-trafficking, domestic abuse, and illiteracy among our children can't be solved through local government efforts alone. These organizations are able to provide the expertise required to address our community's needs in a holistic manner.  The city should coordinate and support, but should never get in the way.
  • Responsible Taxation - The city should always be looking for ways we can decrease the tax burden on our citizens. Despite a 2 cent drop in the property tax rate, homeowners are now paying a higher effective tax rate, yet their services have not increased.    
  • Prudent City Planning -  In order to build new communities and improve current ones we need an environment that promotes healthy growth.  Without the right kind of development we will compromise our tax base and burden our children with government debt.  City leadership should foster a healthy rate of growth so that projects are well-supported.  Growth must be balanced against supporting the people of Fort Worth with a broad range of services. 
  • Pro-Business Policies - Brian wants Fort Worth to continue to be friendly to businesses that provide higher paying jobs and health insurance, that build wealth, and that educate and train their employees.  
  • Timeless Values - Strong families are at the heart of our city. Strong families make strong neighborhoods, which strengthen the core of our city. Elected officials must have the moral courage to do the right thing, whether or not it is popular. I will always support parents and work to protect the children in our community. 

Brian believes in local representative government by the people and for the people.  In Brian's own words:

"I believe that how we govern ourselves matters.  The government must be accountable to the people it represents, protects, and supports.  Those paying taxes should have a voice in how their money is being spent, what services are needed, and how they are provided.  Neighborhood residents must have access to government decision-makers.   No one knows the needs of a particular neighborhood better than the people living in it."    

Brian has been successful at starting and building businesses.  The leaders of local and national organizations have trusted Brian to serve on their boards of directors.  He and his family have served their local church for almost 10 years. 

Most importantly, though, Brian loves Fort Worth.  It is the big city with a small-town feel.  Fort Worth boasts world-class museums and the country's best livestock show and rodeo.  We are home to talented chefs and a first-class medical community.  Our faith-based ministries and non-profits work hard at serving our poor, homeless, and refugees.  It is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.  

You can trust Brian’s experience, values, and love for the people of Fort Worth.  Thanks for visiting our website, and we would be grateful for your support and vote in the Fort Worth City Council District 3 election on May 6, 2017.